Wednesday, 30 July 2008

july 30, 2008

below is a link to an interview of me on cbc radio a few days ago.

interview of ari taub on cbc radio on july 29, 2008

today i was on the mat with beamer. beamer and nico and several other guys at the dinos club have been my training partners in calgary for the last several years. i would never be in the position i am today if it wasn't for their help. thanks guys.

today we did a pummelling match and i felt pretty good. we also worked on ground defence - specifically defence of a lift. this is important. i lost to france and hungary on this move at competitions this summer. i don't want to get scored on with this move in china. my shoulder is getting better but it still hurts when i try and do any of my offensive moves.

tomorrow morning i fly to china. hard to believe we are finally here. i am pretty excited to get on that plane.

cbc tv interviewed me again today for a feature they will be showing on their olympic coverage. they got lots of shots with sarah and the kids. i bet the kids will be pretty excited to see themselves on tv.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

july 29, 2008

i am now back in calgary for a few days. i am having trouble keeping up with the pace here after being away for a few months. i don't know how i ever managed to do work, family and training at the same time. my kids have changed so much in the last 3 months. the girls sound more like sarah every day. they even have the 'tone' now. the boys learned to swim over night. nobody needs life jackets in the pool anymore.

my shoulder has made great progress in the last few days. i will do some standing work on the mat tomorrow. hopefully it wont get hurt again. i am cautiously optimistic that the shoulder will be close to 100% for my competition.

i have enjoyed the last few months and i wish the olympics were not for another year so i could keep doing this more. the work we have done this year has started to pay dividends and i am now able to train at a higher level while continuing to recover so i can maintain that pace of training.

Friday, 25 July 2008

july 25, 2008

hard to believe another week has gone by without a post from me. the week started out good when i got to do some work on the mat. slavi was cautious as usual and i was the opposite. he kept telling me to stop and be happy with my gains. i refused to listen and ended up tearing the muscles in my shoulder again. it isn't as bad as the first time, but it was bad enough to stop me from being on the mat. the stubbornness that usually serves me so well came back to haunt me. the last few days have been spent doing cross training and physio. a few days ago i did 70 pushups in a row. if you would have told me a few months ago that i would be able to do 70 pushups in a row i would have laughed at you. now 100 seems possible before china. i also did 60 of slavi's stomach torture. today we did 3 matches on the bike in the morning and weights followed by 1 match on the upper body bike this afternoon. this was a big training day and i felt good about my conditioning. i had no trouble handling heart rates which would have caused a heart attack a few months ago. the last few weeks before the olympics are a delicate time. there isn't much you can do to improve your performance or readiness to compete but there is a lot that could go wrong. if i hurt my shoulder again then i likely won't be ready to compete properly in china. as it stands i will go to china without having trained on the mat for the last month. if the shoulder gets back to 100% then this will not be a total disaster. i have 20 years of experience wrestling. 4 weeks here or there won't make that much difference.

i have one more workout tomorrow and then i go home on sunday. i keep thinking that my visits home will be relaxing. sarah will laugh at that. my work schedule is already full. i need to see the doctor to get a cortisone shot in my wrist. cbc radio wants me for an interview. cbc tv wants to video me with the rest of my family. slavi has training all planned out. my 4 day break in calgary is now jammed. i will instead rest on the way to china on thursday next week.

i am reading rulon gardner's book called 'never stop pushing'. it is appropriately named for him and for me. rulon was the 2000 heavyweight olympic champion in greco wrestling and a friend of mine for many years. we actually competed against each other in university and i trained with him before the 2004 olympics.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Olympic Training Center



The Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center (CSOTC) is a place where athletes of a wide variety of sports can come and train with the best in the world.  With the Olympic rings and quotations from past Olympians posted every you look, it creates an atmosphere of greatness and provides the focus and motivation to train as hard as you can.

The CSOTC has dorms, cafeteria, pools, weightrooms, sports medicine and recovery centers as well as venues for wrestling, gymnastics, shooting and many more.  This is truly a high performance sports location.






Back On The Mats!

back on the mats


Today Ari had his most intensive workout on the mats in the past 3 weeks.  After suffering a shoulder injury 3 weeks ago while training in Prague, Ari has been in the process of strengthening and rehabilitating his shoulder in preparation for Beijing.  In an effort not to risk re-injury, the technique training on the wrestling mats has been kept to a minimum because of the unpredictable nature of movements in wrestling.  When recovering from injury it is important to progress from stable to unstable exercises followed by the sport specific movements in training.  With the nature of wrestling to pull and throw your opponent off guard, this type of training possesses the largest and most uncertain movements with the highest risk of re-injury.  Ari is excited about being the final stages of his rehabilitation and is getting is sights focused on Beijing!

Friday, 18 July 2008

july 18, 2008

today i got to do some work on the mat. i pushed on my feet for about 20 minutes. i did a gut wrench with only a little pain. i also moved all 4 directions on the mat without too much problem. physio also hammered me today which is good because my lat is getting much better.

it took forever to do laundry today because the dryer we picked was a bit of a dud.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

july 17, 2008

time flys when you are having fun. i really do mean to write a post every day but it doesn't seem to happen. the last few days have been filled with physio for my shoulder and cross training. my shoulder is getting better quickly now. my range of motion is almost full and strength at many angles is close to 80%. today i did 58 pushups in a row and 50 of slavi's situp exercise. i also did the equivalent of 3 matches on the bike. there was much sweat in my world today. tomorrow i get to do some work on the mat but slavi will keep a close eye out to make sure i don't do too much. he is quite concerned about how often i seem to get hurt since we are only 26 days away from competition. any new injury could be a big problem. i don't have much else to report. the life of a full time athlete being sort of monotonous - we eat and train and then rest and eat again so we can train again. we get the odd day off which is used to rest more so we can train more the next day.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

july 12, 2008

i can't believe it has been a week since my last post. time has flown by. i haven't been able to train on the mat so i have been doing lots of cross training instead. i have also been in physio for several hours each day. i have done some base cardio work as well as intervals on the bike. pushups and core exercises are a constant. i can now do 53 pushups in a row and 40 of slavi's core torture exercise. we started with sets of 10 just a few months ago. i also did dumbbell bench press with just my left arm. today i did a set of 10 at 80 pounds. my left pec continues to get stronger. once i get to 110 pound dumbbells i will be where i was at last year. i hope to do this before the end of july.

a few years ago one of the retired wrestlers in calgary who is known to be a pushup king did 110 pushups in a row. he is a little guy - weighing about half as much as me. i keep thinking of that number as my goal for pushups. we will see how close i can get.

it is now apparent that my shoulder injury is worse than i had hoped. i partially tore my right triceps and lat as well as enlarging the slap legion that already existed in my right shoulder. i need to be careful with my rehab because there is only enough time for one recovery. if i re injure this area then it is unlikely that i will be healthy enough to compete effectively in china. this is a difficult situation because i really want to get back on the mat in order to prepare optimally for china. i made significant progress this week and as a result the pain in my shoulder is much reduced and the strength is up. i am constantly being reminded by slavi and murray to be careful and not push too hard. i have a history of continually striving for more when i feel comfortable with the status quo. this has often got me in trouble as i get sick or hurt and then take a step back. i think slavi will let me do some ground movement drills on the mat on monday. i think i can also do some seated rowing which i couldn't even think about last week. hopefully next week i can start doing some technique on the mat.

the weather has been hot - it was 100 degrees on friday.

i have been using 2 new puffers - one is flovent, a corticosteroid and the other is an older version of Ventolin which is only available in europe. i think they have eased the tightness in my chest from exercise induced asthma. my symptoms are worse in hot, humid and polluted environments. think i may need this medicine in china?????

Monday, 7 July 2008

july 7, 2008

we travelled to colorado springs yesterday. it took 12 hours and was a comedy of errors. my plane was broken so i sat at the calgary airport for 6.5 hours waiting for another one to arrive. then we landed in denver and the ground crew weren't there because united didn't want to pay them overtime. as a result, it took a while to get off the plane and even longer to get our bags. by this time the car rental company we reserved with was closed. we went to another one and rented a smaller car for a bigger price. it was midnight by this time as the guy at hertz took 20 minutes to type in my drivers license. we were starving so we pulled into a gas station to get some food. it has been a long time since i had a gas station hamburger - they are terrible. i washed that down with a chocolate bar - a dinner for champions. we finally got to our hotel at 1:30 am.

i spent most of today in physio. we also trained once. i got a new record for push ups in a row - 46. lets see if i can get to 60 by the end of july.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

july 5, 2008

i go to colorado tomorrow.

my shoulder is still quite sore. i partially tore my lat and triceps. i can't do anything useful on the mat now because it hurts too much. i will spend next week in physio and cross training. hopefully i will then be ready for some technical work on the mat. this injury has messed up my training plan. july was supposed to be filled with intense wrestling which is the final preparation phase before my taper in august. i don't know if i will be able to wrestle hard even once before i go to china. on a positive note, i won't be over trained when i compete in china.

i did 45 pushups in a row last night - a new record. my pec continues to get stronger.

sportsnet spent a few hours with me today asking about the journey. they will show something between july 30 and august 8. on tv. it will also be on their website.

i met with some of my sponsors last week. it was great to find out how interested they are in helping me. thanks guys.