Thursday, 12 June 2008

june 12, 2008

we were on the mat twice today. it hurts to get up, sit down and everything in between. murray got here today which made me happy. everyone here watched the german soccer team play in euro 2008 - germany lost so there were a lot of disappointed people here. it is cool and rainy today - perfect weather for me to sleep great.


  1. I just figured out how to use this site. I went back and read all you postings and viewed your "practicing with cuba" video!!
    Stay cool and we'll speak soon. We're off to montreal tonight so send messages to bb.

  2. Hey Ari, hope all is well, good luck with the training. Hope Murray makes you feel all better. Take care.


  3. Hey Ari,

    Your blog is treally an amazing account of this experience of a lifetime. I am very excited for you and very proud to have you as my brother. Your dedication to your dream is truly inspirational.

    I hope you travel safe and well, and I am rooting for you daily.