Wednesday, 11 June 2008

june 11, 2008

yesterday we wrestled hard and today was a bit easier - we lifted weights in the morning and rested in the afternoon. tonight the german team had a bbq. it was really good. there were many different kinds of meat and the german beer wasn't bad either. it has been months since i had a drink so the beer i had on an empty stomach before dinner kicked in nicely. murray gets here tomorrow. my body can't wait. i haven't slept much in the last 10 days because it has been so hot at night. today it has been cooler so i hope i get a good sleep. i have spent a number of hours over the last few days acting as travel agent again. i need to organize travel to dortmund next week, then to prague a few days later. i also need to sort out the camp in colorado springs in july. once this is all done my travel agency career will be over - none too soon. the food at this training center has been great. at lunch today i had antelope stew and asparagus soup followed by rice pudding. i took quite a bit of baggage with me to europe. a lot of it is food or supplements that i didn't want to buy in europe for fear of a positive drug test. i didn't spend that much time figuring out exactly how much to bring - i decided to err on the side of too much. well - i did a good job. i have a big container of protein powder that i won't even open on this trip along with a few other containers of other stuff. basically, i have carried around an entire bag full of stuff that i didn't need. this makes inter european travel much more fun.

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